Upgrade your Party

With Dairy Free Ice Cream from Leo's Gourmet

Real Fruit. Really Good.

Leo's Dairy Free Ice Cream is made with real fruits. No funny names on our recipes.

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Any way you want it

You pick the flavors.

You can take it from our store to your party.

Or we can bring our carts to you and serve your guests

Any way you want it, you get it

And we Deliver

10 cups? 20 gallons? You got it.

Do you want a flat fee all-you-can-eat service? Or just few cups of your favorite flavor?

Just let us know.

Your special flavor

Remember that sweet fruit from back then? You crave it. You want it. Let us know, and we will fetch it and create a delicious Ice Cream for you.

We may even name it after you!

Yes, it is fresh

We create those delicacies one small batch at a time. There is no rushed high production here. Why? Because we refuse to use preservatives or stabilizers. 

Delicious, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Sweet

It is a dessert. 

It has fruit, coconut, and cane sugars.

We never use high fructose corn syrup 

Do you want a sugar free flavor?

We can create one for your party, as a special order.  

Choose your Service - Please call (954)406-7392 to order

Please call 954-406-7392 to order